Premium Pine Wood Round Sticks (Set of 50)

Premium Pine Wood Round Sticks (Set of 50)

September 23, 2023 / Varmil SP
Country: Poland

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Elevate your crafting and woodworking projects with our Premium Pine Wood Round Sticks. Crafted from high-quality pine, these round sticks offer versatility and durability for a wide range of creative endeavors. Key Features: High-Quality Pine: Our round sticks are made from carefully selected pine ...

Ice Cream Stiks / Spatulas manufactured of odorless Birch

Ice Cream Stiks / Spatulas manufactured of odorless Birch

August 10, 2022 / Russian Lumber Co.
Country: Russia

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Product: Ice Cream Sticks / Spatulas; Volume: 1 - 5 20'Containers; Wood type: European Hardwood; Species: Birch; Origin Russia; Dimensions(mm): 1,5/2,0x10x83/114; Custom sizes and partterns are possible Please inquire: Tel: +7 921 716 5156 Site:

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Wood and plywood gift features

Wood is a natural natural material with living energy. Even a small wooden souvenir creates comfort and sets a special mood. Warm, unique texture gives internal balance and tranquility. In ancient times, it was believed that together with a wood product, a person receives a piece of the power of nature. For this reason, the choice of wood variety was given special attention. The massif of wood is mainly used in the production of body and soft furniture - a mandatory attribute of classical, aristocratic and ecostile. For the manufacture of gifts and souvenirs, plywood is most often used, which refers to wood materials. It is cheaper and more practical than the massif, but just as environmentally friendly and safe for human health. Plywood is well treatable, has a noble light hue, can be painted in different colors. The finished products look stylish and presentable. Plywood souvenirs are becoming increasingly popular due to the high artistic performance and preservation of the natural texture of natural wood.

Benefits of wooden gifts:

• Environmental cleanliness and safety;
• brightness and originality of the design;
• natural, natural appearance;
• mainly manual work;
• strength;
• ease of use (does not break or break in case of accidental fall);
• long service life.
• gifts made of wood

The main advantage of gifts made of wood is the ability to make a small edition according to an individual design. Most often, this is a piece of goods that is difficult to find in the mass market. What is made of wood? Almost everything! The most popular are interior gizmos: souvenirs, mini-bars, keyboards, bath accessories and other retro products, vintage, shabby chic. Stationery is in demand - wooden organizers, notebooks in a wooden cover, pens. Natural eco-products look elegant, appropriate on the desk of an office worker, and in the luxurious office of a company leader. A special category is occupied by plywood packaging: prestigious and stylish, perfectly complementing expensive and status gifts.