H20 Formwork Beams

H20 Formwork Beams

May 10, 2024 / Russian Lumber Co.
Country: Russia

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We are looking for a serious strategic partner-distributor from the Middle East of H20 formwork beams 40x200x3000/3300/3600/3900mm with sales volumes of at least 30,000 linear meters to order. Flanges are made of high density Northern Spruce 40x80mm lumber, web made is of Birch hardwood 27mm thick p...

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Many construction work is required to be carried out at height. There are several options to get scaffolding: rent, order production, make yourself. The latter option saves a lot of time and money. But the design must be as reliable and safe as possible. Let's figure out how to build scaffolding yourself, what material is most preferred and what safety measures must be observed.

Wood scaffolding

Wood is the most widely used material in the independent manufacture of forests. It has a whole set of advantages: Ease of processing. Working with metal requires certain skills in welding, working with professional power tools, etc., which not everyone has. And working with wood is much easier and at an amateur level, any builder can cope with the processing of this material. Available tools and fasteners. The work requires the most common set: a hammer, a screwdriver, a screwdriver, a hacksaw, a drill, self-screws, nails. All this is in almost any household, and if you have to buy something in preparation for work, the costs are low. Comparative cheapness of the material. Even quality wood will cost less than metal pipes. The gain becomes especially noticeable when building a large structure.

Reusability. At the end of construction work, wooden scaffolding can be dismantled by putting lumber into work. Metal racks will almost certainly gather dust forever in a household block or pantry. Of course, you can then rent them out, but not everyone will want to tinker with this business. Important: in the manufacture of forests, it is better to use high-quality wood materials. First, it will improve the reliability of the design. And secondly, it will allow the use of materials of dismantled forests in the future. But scrap wood, albeit bought at a low price, then you just have to throw it away.

Scaffolding Calculation Diagram

There are some downsides, too. The main one is the much lower resistance of wooden structures to assembly and disassembly. After two or three such cycles, all that remains is to put the boards on firewood. Metal structures tolerate disassembly and subsequent assembly much better. Therefore, wooden structures are the best choice for those who want to build their own house and not engage in construction work in the future. But for those who have plans to build several objects, we recommend stopping the choice on metal forests Structures on a metal pipe frame with planks will be a good choice for building multiple buildings on the same site or for a small construction company. They also have a number of advantages: The sectional structure allows you to grow forests as needed. Such structures are much easier to modernize for new construction tasks. The ability to quickly disassemble forests and easily move to a new place.

Durability and high strength when properly manufactured. Aluminium or steel pipes are used for scaffolding construction. The first option is lighter, the second has higher strength and reliability indicators. Therefore, if you plan to work at high altitude or lift a large load onto the forests (heavy tool or several workers per section), it is better to stop the choice on steel racks. The standard size of the section of such forests is 150 cm high, 100 cm wide and 165-200 cm long (depending on the tasks).