Oak Sleepers

Oak Sleepers

January 28, 2023 / Framit
Country: Czech Republic

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Good afternoon! Interested in oak timber (sleeper) Quercus Robur with delivery to the factory in Sobeslav Czech Republic. Size 155*265. length from 2600 to 4800mm. Factory contract.

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Railroad Ties, Sleepers

The length of railways in our country is huge, and the settlement of the territories adjacent to it is much higher than average. In earlier times, people living on them, and especially those related to the maintenance of railways, did not disdain sleepers as the main building material for the construction of walls. The sleeper house was considered solid, reliable, warm, and most importantly cheap. These advantages completely overshadowed the only drawback - the smell of impregnation, which is not only unpleasant for smell, but also harmful to health.

What is the harm of impregnation for sleepers

The problem of your own housing is relevant at all times. And today, many people who dream of their home, but are limited in funds, are exploring ways to build budget. And the main question that worries those who want to build a house out of sleepers is harmful or not to live in such a house. In production, railway sleepers are impregnated with creosote, a substance of the second toxicity class, which is a mixture of phenolic resins. This is a powerful antiseptic that conserves wood and makes it absolutely resistant to decay, damage by rodents and insects. Therefore, sleepers, lying in the ground for decades and experiencing a huge load, practically do not collapse.

However, they have a certain service life, after which they are changed to the same new or reinforced concrete. And sleepers who have served their term are sold at a bargain price, much lower than what you have to pay for building wood. This cheap material sells out well. In villages, a pile cap or foundation of sleepers for baths and sheds is very popular, it is many times more economical than concrete, but it lasts a long time. Of these, various outbuildings, garages, even houses are being erected. Without thinking about how creosote fumes can affect health. And the consequences can be very serious:

• respiratory diseases;
• liver disease;
• allergic reactions;
• migraines and frequent headaches;
• lesions of the skin and mucous membranes;
• edema;
• and even cancer.

In addition to toxicity, creosote has another disadvantage: this substance is easily flammable. Therefore, a house, garage or bath of sleepers become fire-hazardous buildings. It is especially not recommended to build baths and saunas from this material, since the release of harmful substances increases many times at high temperatures. And they burn more often.

Is it possible to reduce the harm of sleepers

It is impossible to clean sleepers from creosote, even if they are not soaked through it, but by a thickness of several centimeters - this variety is also found. If you cut these centimeters from all sides, the sleeper will turn into a thin beam, useless for the construction of capital walls. But if you decide to build a house or shed from sleepers, it is better to choose just such a material with partial impregnation. Much less "chemistry" is distinguished by old sleepers that have been lying under the sun, wind and rain for at least 20 years. During this time, most of the creosote from them is washed out and weathered, but the wood itself retains its strength. Even if the material doesn't get dirty hands or smell, that doesn't mean it has become completely harmless. Phenolic compounds remained in it and they will continue to be released into the air. Therefore, sleeper houses need special exterior and interior finishes.

From the inside, it is necessary to create a reliable barrier to harmful vapors, completely covering the walls with airtight materials. Outside, on the contrary, it is necessary to ensure the free evaporation of harmful substances. All internal walls and partitions are preferably made of other materials. The appearance of old sleepers can hardly be called attractive, so when finishing the facades of residential buildings, they are made ventilated, leaving an air gap between the wall and the cladding. It is better not to finish the sheds and garages outside at all.