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Pellets, Briquettes, Firewood, Coal

Traditional wood stoves are the main source of heat in individual country houses. Moreover, many owners do not plan to change them at all to modern heating devices. This is partly easily explained by the following: today many alternative varieties of fuel have appeared - briquettes. Compared to the firewood familiar to many, they are much more efficient, more convenient to use, while their cost is higher. In general, each fuel material has advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the decision on whether to choose firewood or wood briquettes always remains with the owners of the houses. They usually assess the situation from a practical point of view, make a more profitable choice for themselves.

Stove heating with firewood

Stove heating with firewood or other modern materials remains relevant today for many owners of country houses

Features of different types of fuel

Before purchasing fuel materials for the furnace, you should familiarize yourself with their characteristics, basic advantages and disadvantages. It will not be superfluous to read the reviews of those who in practice managed to compare several varieties of fuel, to draw certain conclusions.

Common firewood

Wood has important advantages over other fuels - it is considered the most environmentally friendly material, it does not have any odors.

Additionally, it is worth noting the following advantages of firewood:
high heat dissipation;
instantly ignite, immediately give heat, thanks to which the room heats up very quickly;
affordable price;
resistance to mechanical damage;

You can procure yourself. isolating essential oils that have a beneficial effect on human health.

Common firewood

The best firewood for the furnace is considered hardwood with a dense fiber structure.

require a lot of space;
to obtain high-quality fuel, prolonged drying in the open air is required;
valuable properties are partially lost during long-term storage.
Burning firewood In order for firewood to give the maximum amount of heat during combustion, they must be dried correctly

Fuel briquettes

They are produced from all kinds of waste from the food, as well as the woodworking industry: husks (buckwheat, rice), peat, seeds, straw, branches, grassy vegetation, sawdust. The latter are subjected to mechanical pressing, prolonged drying. Such a fuel material does not contain harmful chemical components, therefore, during the combustion process, it does not harm the natural environment at all.