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Hello, We want to find suppliers of pallets for monthly deliveries, For this purpose, we would like to know your prices for orders of wooden pallets with the following references Dimensions 800 x 1200 Reference: PALLET EUROPE (Epal) Quantity: 2280 PIECES Please send us a pro-forma quote. Looking for...

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Pallets, Boxes, Crates

The container for transportation represents a special design which is intended for storage and transportation of different types of goods and other cargo. In the course of use the packing has to provide protection to contents. Also the container is necessary competently to distribute internal space of the vehicle (for example, a cargo compartment) under a concrete type of cargo. Thanks to it the corresponding zone will be used more competently.

The container is usually selected as follows:

• Consider specifics of products. For example, often, that delivery wasn't too rigid for fragile goods, can buy boxes and lay them foam rubber or other material. For transportation of the equipment for the purpose of reliable fixing quite often in addition resort to furring.
• Take various requirements to transportation into account. For example, for products which can soil wooden designs most often choose plastic pallets.
• Consider a way of fastening of the container on the platform of the car, in a hold of the ship or in the lorry. For example, too wide pallets can not approach. The optimum type is europallets of 1200 by 800 mm in size.

It must be kept in mind also the price of a similar design. You shouldn't forget that for the company it is very important to find the most favorable offer — to make a container independently or to get from the producer, for example. Own production allows not to select pallets or other types of a container from available, and to be guided by individual requirements. But it isn't always profitable. During selection of a container it is also necessary to take into account statutory requirements to such products. For example, for wooden pallets — phytosanitary. For polymeric rigid evaluation criteria it is less, but the requirements all the same exist. The choice of a convenient transport container — not such simple occupation as can seem. There are obligatory parameters which need to be considered. Therefore it is very important to understand what it is about.


Modern shops use in work, as a rule, standard types of a container: pallets, boxes, barrels, for gas — cylinders, can be in the course and other types of capacity. The main thing that similar types of a container provided to cargo necessary conditions for transportation and storage. However among everything listed pallets are the most popular. Their application became so popular in many respects because of convenience of work with a similar design. Production of a concrete container happens taking into account specifics of the main material of production. Also it is necessary to take requirements which concern a product of a concrete type into account. For example, box, pallet or something else. If use strictly is planned for territories of the country, then will enough pay attention to GOST. But if the container is necessary or it can be necessary for the international cargo transportation, for example, in this case it is necessary to pay attention to TR CU or to the international standards. And the aforesaid concerns everything, beginning from control of selection of raw materials and finishing with quality check of such material. You shouldn't forget also that the container has to undergo certification without fail. At wooden pallets, for example, most often points a brand to it.


The transport container can be presented in various forms. It is capable to be divided by types:

• pallets are one most universal options, is suitable for transportation practically anything;
• bags — it is optimum for bulks;
• bottles, large bottles, tanks — an optimal variant for delivery of liquids;
• boxes are a universal type of a container which is suitable for delivery and storage practically everything, beginning from bulks and finishing with details for repair of the different equipment;
• barrels — this type of a container can be used for storage and transportation of liquids and loose substances;
• trays — capacity from plastic which is applied to transportation of construction materials, pharmaceutics and many other;
• other types of a container.

Selection of concrete option depends on what is necessary for the company what task is set in respect of transportation. That is all this needs to be considered in a complex.


Use of a special container for transportation has a number of advantages:

• Probability of damage of cargo becomes low. That is it is fine protection.
• Process of transportation of goods in a cargo compartment of the car or any other type of transport considerably becomes simpler thanks to a container.

Such design gives a fine opportunity to automate calculation of number of a container. For example, when in one container strictly certain amount of any given material is located, it isn't necessary to consider all cargo, it is enough to learn the number of containers. Similarly concerning pallets and other types of a container. This type of packaging allows to standardize and optimize many processes. Existence of a container helps to facilitate the solution of questions with temporary storage of products. The need for similar often arises, for example, when it is necessary to replace in way