Keruing merbau

Keruing merbau

April 15, 2024 / Cv. Central usaha jaya
Country: Indonesia

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We are exporter and manufacturer keruing timber and merbau from Indonesia

Wood Doors, Door frames from Indoensia

Wood Doors, Door frames from Indoensia

August 28, 2023 / W&L Timber Co.
Country: Indonesia

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Dear Our Valued Customers, We are the manufacturer and Exporter for Wooden Doors & Timber (Wood) Products. Best quality and prices for you as a valued customer. Our factory’s location is North Sumatra - Indonesia. Our products: 1. Wooden Doors: Model & Pattern Doors are so popular nowadays 2...

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Sawn-off lumber such as timber and board have been used by humanity over the years. They are to this day the indispensable building materials. Relatively recently, products with a complex cross section appeared on the building materials market. It is more convenient and technically effective. In this article, let's figure out what profiled lumber is and whether it is worth buying.

What is profiling?

To find out what profiled products are, you need to pay attention to its section. The procurement will have a special configuration. If you pay attention to elongated products, it can be seen that the resulting section profile is repeated throughout the length. At the same time, there are unequal profiles of lumber along the entire length.

Shaped lumber is a part or workpiece that is made of a bar, bar or board and is distinguished by four sides that have been machined on milling equipment. Such products include:

• floorboard;
• profiled beam;
• imitation of a bar;
• carriage;
• blockhouse;
• stair rails;
• Window details
• door parts;
• layout;
• platbands;
• skirting boards;
• corners.

As can be understood from all the above, in comparison with cut building materials, there is not just a saw treatment of the existing surfaces. In this case, all or only part of the sides are shaped to a shape that is different from the normal plane. For example, in imitation of a bar or floorboard, the back and edges are difficult to cut off, while the facade remains only slightly straightened. But the blockhouse does not have a single smooth surface.

Profiled products are conditionally divided into several varieties (for example, by application):

1. Materials for surface cladding (profiled board, imitation of various materials, as well as hollow tongue).
2. Structural lumber (a profiled beam used to build massive walls).
3. Driving products (skirting boards, corners, platbands).

Profiled planed board, profiled timber and other lumber of this category are made mainly of aspen and softwood. The products are produced on multi-spindle milling plants on which two or four sides are simultaneously processed. Additionally, machines with a fifth spindle are used, which cuts any element at an angle.

There are many processing options. Modern equipment makes it possible to use completely cut material as a workpiece, a two-sided bar or a log. Some types of equipment can not only end, but also profile the end, as well as glue, remove knots, install plugs instead of them, grind, create a rough surface for further painting, mark parts for future processing, pack, and so on.