Timber wood products from Indonesia

Timber wood products from Indonesia

September 5, 2023 / W&L Timber Co.
Country: Indonesia

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Dear Our Valued Customers, We are the manufacturer and Exporter for Wooden Doors & Timber (Wood) Products. Best quality and prices for you as a valued customer. Our factory’s location is North Sumatra - Indonesia. Our products: 1. Wooden Doors: Model & Pattern Doors are so popular nowadays 2...

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It is important to install extremely high-quality correct wooden windows so as not to waste money. Let's consider the main design and technical and operational features of such products in modern design.

Design features

Modern wooden windows are completely different products compared to the "carpentry," which had windows and large gaps. Today they are complex technological designs. Such products practically do not differ from their aluminum or metal plastic competitors. Manufacturers pack them with the same warm double-glazed windows as PVC windows.

The wooden windows also have functional fittings and sealing contours. At the same time, they have minor constructive nuances: • Silicone is used to seal glass when adjacent to wood, rather than elastic profiled bands. For this reason, the staples cannot be removed from the structures.
• Loops differ in shape and method of attachment.
• Only one glass is sometimes inserted into blocks.
Wooden windows differ among themselves in the number of flaps that can open differently. However, all such blocks are sealed and functional structures. Now manufacturers make both single-leaf and double-leaf window products. The latter option may have paired or separate flaps.

Window with two doors

Usually, single-leaf wooden windows are installed more often. They are produced from 68-90 mm wide profile. One- or two-chamber double-glazed windows are placed in frames from it. Their maximum width is 45 mm. For these windows, the vestibule is distinguished by the presence of several contact loops equipped with sealing material of increased elasticity. Modern wooden windows may also have two slats separated by a mullion. They are still produced with stulp conjugation. In other words, the two flaps are connected directly to each other, which is why there is no bulkhead in the open opening.

In addition, the flaps can open differently:

• only turn;
• exclusively recline;
• turn and recline.
In addition, windows with a microlifter, the ability to ventilate, protection against erroneous actions, and so on are made. Such translucent products are often called Euro windows.

Catalog of companies that specialize in doors, windows and related works
In Russia, wood windows with paired sashes are still uncommon. They are commonly referred to as "Swedish," as the designs are delivered from the respective country. These products are distinguished by the presence of two working frames. The distance between them is from 100 to 200 mm. Note here that inner flap is bearing