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Lumber is a very common and necessary raw material used in various construction projects. Logs are sawed along the fibers. Most often, lumber is obtained from conifers. Where can you buy lumber cheaply and use it for construction? This question often arises from builders. There are many important claims that timber is best bought on Most wood construction professionals would agree. Developers hope the WoodTradePortal site will help you choose the optimal price to buy lumber with a wide range of offers from companies offering lumber for sale.

Why is it profitable to buy or sell lumber on WoodTradePortal?

Sawdust - logs, registered wood with knots and bark, as well as defective foreruns of logs that have undergone further processing or sawing. Softwood and hardwood sawdust are distinguished by species. Despite the fact that today there is a wide variety of building materials in the construction market, wood is the oldest, most environmentally friendly, warm and reliable material. Due to its flexibility in processing and the possibility of obtaining any shape, size and color, it is used in almost all areas of our life, from building materials (beams, boards, carriage, bars, etc.) to shipbuilding, sleeper laying, construction work, construction (beams, floors, ceilings, floors, doors, windows, parquet, stairs, railings, etc.) furniture, utensils, paper, industrial waste and the production of firewood. It is widely used in almost all spheres of our life, from the production of furniture, kitchen accessories, paper, industrial waste to the production of firewood. Coniferous lumber is often used for construction, while wooded lumber is often used for artwork. WoodTradePortal is focused on providing an opportunity for lumber sellers and buyers to find each other quickly and for free.

The benefits of working with WoodTradePortal include:

1. A convenient website interacts with finding the categories of lumber you need.
2. The ability to register for free and submit advertisements for the purchase or sale of sawn wood.
3. A large selection of categories that makes finding lumber in which you need convenient.
4. A big foundation of companies specializing in the sale and purchase of lumber.
5. Sale of guaranteed and high-quality forest only

Types of round timber

Relative to wood species, the round forest is divided into two groups: deciduous and coniferous. The first is mainly for the manufacture of furniture, finishing materials, household items, and is also used in shipbuilding. The second is used most often in construction and various industries.

According to the use and method of processing, round timber is divided into:

- sawing
- for peeling or planing
- raw materials for pressed materials and cellulose
- to use without changing the shape.

By size and purpose, the following roundwood varieties are distinguished:

- a log that is used in round form or goes for sawing;
- ridge intended for manufacture of special types of wood products;
- churak, which is a section of ridge, in length complying with the requirements of the woodworking machine.
- sawn timber - used for lumber production;
- carpentry ridge - is intended for the manufacture of carpentry;
- plywood ridge - for making plywood or veneer;
- match ridge - for match production;
- resonant ridge - for making resonant musical instruments;
- construction log - for use as construction material;
- log for poles - used for the manufacture of poles of power lines;
- mine rack - for use as mine supports;
- balances - raw materials for the manufacture of pressed materials and the wood chemical industry;
- firewood - wastes of timber, suitable only for combustion as fuel.

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