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Industrial services

What Industrial Services encapsulates

This is a whole range of services, consisting of a number of research, development, measures of physical, information, training plan and others, aimed at bringing the organization to an uninterrupted operating mode, maintaining functional condition, modernization, ensuring secondary use and disposal of equipment, etc. The purpose of industrial services is to optimize the operation of industrial products and increase the attractiveness of their use for the buyer.
Industrial companies have always been engaged in the provision of industrial services. Moments such as commissioning or maintenance are inherent obligations accompanying numerous manufactured goods. However, today the provision of mixed services is a separate profitable niche for numerous industries.

Classification of Industrial Services

Industrial services are widely used in various fields and industries. They can be implemented in the form of services for the design, supply of equipment, consulting, support, etc. Better service delivery requires good classification.
Such services can be divided into categories according to such characteristics as the stages of the enterprise's activity, belonging to a certain area of activity, the type of equipment operated. The classification of services based on product categories can be as follows: machine production, machine installation, supply of spare parts, maintenance support and warranty service. If you distinguish them by categories based on their use, then it is appropriate to divide this type: the production of food products, medicines, products for home use, etc.
Other services, such as consulting, management and software development, can be classified by their related functions and applications. For example, consulting can be divided into marketing, financial, legal, etc. Thanks to the classification, it is possible to more effectively understand and use the services provided. This allows target organizations and users to easily identify the service they need, understand its application and benefits.

What types of industrial services can be distinguished?

Industrial services such as risk assessment, consulting on the use of certain technologies, integration of energy-efficient solutions, and a number of consulting services can be useful to an enterprise at the planning stage. If the enterprise is at the stage of development and design, the most relevant will be: selection of equipment and its configuration, accounting for installation features, development of technical documentation, engineering consulting, technical solutions, etc.
Industrial services at the stage of commissioning of industrial equipment, including the installation and installation of equipment, commissioning of all systems, are essential. Speaking about industrial services during operation, it is worth noting such points as maintenance of equipment, maintenance of its operability, work aimed at increasing its service life, repair, audits, modernization, etc.