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January 9, 2022 / Cabinets Direct Rochester
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Natural array - these words are often present in the description of the most expensive and beautiful furniture. Usually, others follow them - environmentally friendly, durable, prestigious and so on, which can emphasize the high status of a furniture product and justify its relatively high cost. But natural natural wood rightfully ranks first in the hierarchy of the best materials for furniture, although the array itself is different.

First of all, it is worth remembering the presence of many different types of wood, each of which differs in density, hardness, color, texture, number of knots. It is also impossible to ignore the presence of the so-called glued array, which in terms of its operational characteristics is very different from a solid array. Finally, turning into elements of furniture construction, natural wood raw materials are always subjected to some kind of treatment, covered with protective compositions and varnishes, the quality of which can also vary greatly.

What is the highest quality wooden massif

There are a lot of components of high-quality furniture products, and one of them is the high mechanical strength of the product, be it a bed frame or a wardrobe. And the undisputed fact is that the natural solid mass is less durable than the glued one. In addition, incorrectly dried wood can dry out, crack, and bars or boards made of it can change shape. All this allows us to conclude that each of the two types of array has its pros and cons.

Solid array It means natural wood used in the design of furniture in the form of solid bars, boards or wooden canvases. In order to initially provide such a material with high strength, it is necessary to carefully select raw materials, avoid the use of those sections of a single barrel where a large number of knots or natural defects are present. Picking up the perfect array results in a lot of waste, and that's one reason why the material ends up being expensive. What are the advantages and disadvantages of solid wood?

Pluses Ecological cleanliness. A solid massif does not need to glue individual parts of wood, so it remains natural, natural, and therefore clean, harmless and even useful. Texture. Humanity has long learned to appreciate everything that nature creates, so the natural drawing of the tree texture is considered more beautiful than any "imitation." Prestige. Solid wood is an expensive, high-quality, solid material that people with a relatively high level of income always want to see in their interiors.

Minuses High cost. Solid furniture costs significantly more than any other, and in the case of high-quality processing, for example, by manual cutting into wood, the cost of furniture products can automatically increase significantly. High storage and drying requirements. Furniture factories working with solid wood are forced to spend a lot of time, effort and money so that the massif is stored in optimal conditions of temperature and humidity, and is also dried according to a clear technology, which is prescribed separately for each type of wood raw material (including based on its current condition).

Glued massif Waste obtained in the manufacture of furniture structures from solid massif often goes to the production of its glued variety. We are talking about gluing pieces - boards, bars, lamellas, which, by the way, after appropriate processing allows you to get a monolithic product of almost any shape. But the main plus of the glued massif is its high strength, which is gained by connecting individual pieces of wood with the obligatory alternation of fiber direction in lamellas.

Example of a glued array. A curious example: martial arts masters, who famously break wooden planks of different thicknesses as part of demonstration performances, use exclusively solid wood. They simply will not be able to break a board with several layers firmly glued to each other, and even with a competent arrangement of fibers!

There are other advantages to such material: Durability. The glued structure will not allow the wood to delaminate, deform, or crack. In addition, such a material is better resistant to moisture, which is explained by the use of predominantly water-resistant adhesives. More affordable price. Despite the need to glue individual lamellas, and then additionally process the finished elements of the furniture structure, the cost of such an array is lower, which makes the price of furniture more attractive.