Salesforce to sell Spruce/ Pine Wall Panelling/ Siding/ Cladding/ Flooring in Western Europe/ USA

Salesforce to sell Spruce/ Pine Wall Panelling/ Siding/ Cladding/ Flooring in Western Europe/ USA

September 17, 2021 / Russian Lumber Co.
Country: Russia

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Experienced salesperson in Western Europe and USA are inwited to sell on commission basis. Adducation in woodworking field, experince from 5 years are required. Assignment is to develop markets for profiled products as Spruce and Pine Wall Paneling, Siding, Cladding, Flooring and other Specialty Woo...

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Employment, Work

Lumberjack is an old profession that appeared many centuries ago. Loggers mainly work with their hands, use mechanical tools, chainsaws.

Their responsibilities include:

clearing areas where trees will be felled: snow removal, shrubs removal, other works;
cleaning the cutting area after the trees have been felled;
collection, disposal of felling residues by incineration;
collection, laying, procurement, drilling of osmol, brushwood, firewood;
workpiece of alloy props;
cutting firewood on logging sites, sleeping branches and branches from fallen trees, performing work at a height;
rooting and cutting of stumps, filling of pits.

The lumberjack provides comprehensive assistance to the forest roller, being his assistant. He monitors the tool used during work, where possible, repairs it. The scope of duties depends on the specifics of the activity, as well as the qualification category (2-5). The profession cannot be classified as highly paid, but it is in stable demand in the labor market. This area of activity requires physical strength, accuracy, execution, pedantry. Loggers of the highest category work at height, so excellent coordination of movements, the absence of phobias (especially acrophobia), allergic reactions and tremors, good vision are important.

How to become a lumberjack? You will find training programs in Russian centers of working professions: primary training, retraining, advanced training. You can attend courses immediately after completing a full secondary education. You can always change your field of activity. In front of the lumberjack, the professions of a walker and a woodcutter are open. He can also receive secondary or higher education, becoming a timber processor, carpenter, industrial climber, forester. The possibility of employment in both domestic and foreign companies. The latter are very interested in loggers.


The profession is considered one of the most dangerous, characterized by high injuries. Low level of remuneration. Professional burnout, because lumberjacks do monotonous work day after day. Loggers are in demand in forest farms, so they often live away from megacities. Development of occupational diseases.

Loggers receive low but stable wages. Its size depends on professional skills, region, qualifications. The fee can be either fixed or piecemeal, in the latter case it depends on the production.